The Craft's motion is banking and rolling free. The Craft can move in any direction and has no preferred facing. Any weapons that the Craft has ignore fireArc restrictions.

When tooCloseToTurn = 0, the Craft will spin on its vertical axis while stopped.

Hardcoded behavior for Colony GameObjects when a ColonizingBeam or ColonizerPod ordnance ends: all but 25 crew is transferred to the Planet. If less than 25 crew are present on the Colony, colonization cannot be begun. Note that if colonization ends before all colony pods hit the Planet, the pods will disapear and the Planet will not gain those colonists. Multiple Colony Craft of this type can colonize the same Planet at a time. The Colony will orient itself so that the hardpoint firing the ordnance is pointed directly at the Planet.

physics = "borg"

Stock ODF Commands


Float, Default: > 0.0

Presumably stands for "break / acceleration control stiffness": the stiffness (tolerance) of response time. Determines how far ahead to begin coming out of a turn, when to start breaking (when approaching its destination), and how quick acceleration is from rest.

Note that when brAccelControlStiffness = 0, the Craft will be unable to move other than turning very slowly in place.

braccelcontrolstiffness = 3.5


Float, Default: > 0

Determines how much inertia the Craft has. The larger the value, the more the vessel will overshoot its destination when stopping, the harder it will be for the ship to turn or change directions sharply, and the longer the craft will take to reach its maximum velocity.

Note that when frontBackIntertia = 0, the Craft will immediately fly off the map.

frontbackinertia = 80

tooSlowToTurn *

Integer?, Default:

*Currently unknown: appears to have no effect.

When combatSpeed too slow, don't turn? When the target is moving slower than the Borg ship, it should stop turning upon its vertical axis?

tooslowtoturn = 5


Float, Default: > 0.0

The maximum rotation speed of the Craft on its vertical axis. If 0.0, the Craft cannot rotate.

maxrotationspeed = 0.75


Float, Default: 0.0

The Craft's rotational acceleration to get to maxRotationSpeed. If 0.0, the Craft cannot rotate.

Note that if rotationAcceleration greatly exceeds maxRotationSpeed the Craft may jump off the map when attempting to rotate.

rotationacceleration = 2.0


Float, Default: 0.0

Presumably the stiffness (tolerance) for rotation while moving. Determines the occurence of rotation around the vertical axis for the Craft (1.0 = 100% ???).

If 0.0, the Craft will never rotate. The larger this value the more often the Craft rotates.