Appears to be a modified AccelCannon ordnance. GameObjects hit by the Ordnance have their sensors accessed by the Player and can be damage. The ClairvoyantLink causes effects 50 times per second while active. The ordnance can target any Craft, but it will immediately toggle off as soon as the target has no crew left (if attempting to retarget, the ClairvoyantLink will briefly hit, but do no damage).

Note that lifeSpan sets the length of time that the sprite ordnance continues to fire on the target GameObject and does not affect the (hardcoded) shot speed or the gameplay effects of the ordnance. Damage is done only for the lifeSpan of this ordnance.

WEclairlink1.sod is used by default when a GameObject is hit by the Ordnance. This effect will last until the weapon is shut off.

Uses the sprite ODF command. Does not use the shotGeometry ODF command.

SpecialEnergyCost drains per second.

Unknown if this affects: Note that the Weapon (if special = 1) that fires this Ordnance must have needTarget = 1, otherwise Armada will crash when the AI / Special Weapons Autonomy uses the weapon. Note that if the special weapon (special = 1) has needTarget = 0, when the Ordnance is fired, it will self-target.

classlabel = "CvoyantLink"

Stock ODF Commands


Float?, Default: lifeSpan *something is wrong here

???Determines how long the sprite connecting the owner GameObject to the targeted GameObject will appear on screen.