Beam Ordnances are shot from the owner's hardpoints as a constant beam until after hitting the target. Some of these types of ordnance deal their effects after the proximal end of the beam is no longer fired from the owner's hardpoints and meets with the distal end of the beam at the target.

classlabel = "beam"

Stock ODF Commands


Float, Default: 0.0

Only affects those Beam ordnances where lifeSpan modifies the speed of the shot by the following equation: ObservedShotSpeed = ~16200 * [(lifeSpan) ^ (-1)].

TravelTimeFraction modifies the ObservedShotSpeed (but NOT the lifeSpan) by the following equation: ObservedShotSpeed / (10 * TravelTimeFraction).

Consequently, small travelTimeFraction values make it such that Beam weapons with very long lifeSpans still hit targets quickly (damage is still dealt at the end of lifeSpan).

Large travelTimeFraction values appear to compress the shot visual to near the target ship and make Beam ordnances take a long time to damage the target.