GameObjects hit by the Ordnance have their crew killed.

Note that lifeSpan modifies the speed of the beam by the following equation: ObservedShotSpeed = ~16200 * [(lifeSpan) ^ (-1)]. Consequently, a PsychonicBlast with a lifeSpan of 10 will be four times faster than a PsychonicBlast with a lifeSpan of 40. Exception: this ordnance does its damage / effects as soon as a target is chosen.

Uses the sprite ODF command. Does not use the shotGeometry ODF command.

Note that the Weapon (if special = 1) that fires this Ordnance must have needTarget = 1, otherwise Armada will crash when the AI / Special Weapons Autonomy uses the weapon.

classLabel = "psychonicblast"

Stock ODF Commands


Float, Default: 0.0

The fraction of the target GameObject's current crew complement that is killed (1.0 = 100%).