Craft with a crewCost greater than zero hit by the Ordnance will become passive (including their weapons) and cannot be given any commands (targeting derelict or crewless units toggles off the ordnance immediately before any effect). Note that if the target is a Producer and if it is constructing something, it will continue to do so regardless. Build-at-location commands given to a ConstructionRig before being hit by the ordnance will be remembered after the effects wear off.

Uses the sprite ODF command. Does not use the shotGeometry ODF command.

Note that lifeSpan sets the length of time that the ordnance continues to fire on the target GameObject and does not affect the (hardcoded) shot speed or the gameplay effects of the ordnance. This is a purely visual effect.

SpecialEnergyCost drains per second.

Note that the Weapon (if special = 1) that fires this Ordnance must have needTarget = 1, otherwise Armada will crash when the AI / Special Weapons Autonomy uses the weapon.

classlabel = "psidisrupt"

Stock ODF Commands


String, Default: Null

The model that is used to display the effects after impact, while GameObjects are affected. No file extension required.