Commands for GameObjects.

Name Description
None No command
Stop Halt current command
Go Move to target location after being given a multiple location move command (such as in a waypoint)
GoSingle Move to target location
Attack Attack target
SpecialAttack Attack target with a special weapon
TransportAttack Attack the target until shields are gone, then transport aboard
Queue Enter or leave a queue (for a repair, construction, mining, trading facility, wormhole etc)
Follow Follow target
Transport Transport to target
Recrew Recrews the unit
SetRallyPoint Sets the rally point where constructed units go when complete
Repair Go for standard repairs
Decommision Decommision self, either at repair yard or station deconstruction
Mine Gather resources
SearchAndDestroy Roam the map and attack targets
Guard Guard target
Scout Roam the map but don't pursue targets
Build Build an object
Patrol Move between patrol points
RedAlert Use red alert
YellowAlert Use yellow alert
GreenAlert Use green alert
CancelBuildQueueItem Cancels the item within a build queue
Wormhole Move to enter the Wormhole
FormFormation Enter into a formation (set by possible formations)
GoRally Gives the target its rally point
StartTrade Gives the target its TradingStation start point
EndTrade Gives the target its TradingStation end point
Trading Trade with TradingStations
Colonize Colonize the target
RepairOther The RepairShip will repair other damaged targets
BuyResource Purchase X resource for Y resource
SellResource Sell Y resource for X resource
GoWarp Move to target location at warp after being given a multiple location move command (such as in a waypoint)
GoWarpSingle Move to target location at warp
SetAttackMode Puts the target into an Attack Pattern (Cloverleaf, Circle or Arrow)
SpecialWeaponNone Use no special weapon autonomy
SpecialWeaponMedium Use medium special weapon autonomy
SpeciaWeaponHigh Use high special weapon autonomy
MoveLow Use low movement autonomy
MoveMedium Use medium movement autonomy
MoveHigh Use high movement autonomy
GetSuperRepair Use priority repair
RecycleMetal Recycle Metal for Dilithium
RecycleDilithium Recycle Dilithium for Metal