The GameObject class is a subclass of the Entity class and is used for objects in the world that have a meaningful lifespan; essentially ships, stations and terrain objects. The GameObject class has all the properties and function of the Entity class, as well as properties and functions common to all types derived from GameObject.



Name Type Access Description
odf String R The lowercase ODF filename of the GameObject
hull Number RW The hull strength of the GameObject in the range 0 to 1
hullValue Number RW The actual hull hit points of the GameObject
maxHull Number RW The maximum hit points the hull has
specialEnergy Number RW Special energy in range 0 to 1
maxSpecialEnergy Number RW Maximum special energy points
specialEnergyValue Number RW Current special energy in actual points
label String R The label identifier of the GameObject
invincible Boolean RW If true, the GameObject cannot be destroyed
velocity Vector RW The direction and magnitude of the GameObject's movement
forceOntoMap Boolean RW If true, the GameObject cannot leave the boundaries of the map
underAttack Boolean R True if the GameObject was attacked recently
cloaked Boolean R True if the GameObject is currently cloaked
destroyed Boolean R If true, the GameObject has been destroyed
canCloak Boolean R True if the GameObject is capable of cloaking
player Player RW The player that owns this GameObject
perceivedTeam Player RW The player that appears to own this GameObject
aiControlled Boolean R True if this GameObject is controlled by an AI
class GameObjectClass R The type definition of the GameObject

Functions and Enumerations

Derived Types