Craft is the base class for all ship and station types.



Name Type Access Description
name String RW The name of the craft as it will appear in game
shields Number RW The shield percentage from 0 to 1 
maxShields Number RW The maxmium shield points the craft can have
shieldsValue Number RW The current shield points the craft has
impulseSpeed Number RW How fast the craft moves
alert Craft.AlertState RW The current alert status of the craft
movementAutonomy Craft.MovementAutonomy RW The current movement autonomy of the craft
specialWeaponAutonomy Craft.WeaponAutonomy RW The weapon autonomy of the craft
crew Number RW The current crew count of the craft
maxCrew Number RW The maximum crew count of the craft
systems Table of CraftSystem R The systems of the craft, indexed with Craft.System

Functions and Enumerations

Derived Types