Gives the owner vessel a standard cloaking device. When a Craft is cloaked, the Craft does not use its specialEnergyRate command and will not regenerate energy.

Armada II only supports one CloakingDevice per Craft, regardless of technology tree. The CloakingDevice with the lowest weaponX assignment is used. Other CloakingDevices may activate and disable weapons and shields, but they will not cloak the Craft. If an additional cloak is desired, you must use a CloakingDeviceControl weapon.

Does not require an Ordnance file.

Cloak and children remember clicks - if the weapon doesn't have enough energy, the weapon will fire as soon as enough energy is available.

classlabel = "cloakingdevice"

Stock ODF Commands


Float, Default: 10.0

Determines the length of time in seconds before the cloak is ready (its cooldown cycle and stepSize animation). If weapons are affected by the cloak, they must wait for effectTimer to complete. Shields are by default disabled upon starting to cloak, but the length of ShieldDelay (Craft ODF command) upon decloaking is independent of effectTimer.


Float, Default: ???

Has to deal with the animation at the beginning and end of a cloak cycle when the unit becomes semi-transparent (in radians). Replaced by Fleet Ops effects.

stepSize = 0.0004


Float, Default: ???

Determines the distance you must be from hostile units before the owner unit may cloak. Appears non-functional in Armada II / Fleet Ops.


Float, Default: 1.0

Modifies how transparent the owner unit is when cloaked by this fraction (0.0 being not transparent at all).