Mixed-Tech Analysis


Borg Mixed Tech Vessels

(passive: High Density Shield Generators, Tactical Armor - strong versus long range, strong versus weak attacks)

This vessel is slightly more expensive, but gains the Tactical Armor passive ability which allows the Monsoon to take less damage from weak weaponry (i.e. most destroyers). If your opponent is still harassing with destroyers and cruisers this vessel becomes very important to field, as a few of these can outcompete larger numbers of normal Monsoons. Since Mayson relies on the Norway mainly, the fact that the normal Monsoon is not often used and that this version does not offer an immense bonus means that you will rarely use the Monsoon for this avatar.

(passive: Autonomous Defense AI - strong versus medium range)

This vessel comes equipped with the graviton-loaded torpedo which allows the vessel to deal double damage to hostile battleships and triple damage to hostile stations. Since the Intrepid class’s Tricobalt Torpedo is normally used to make strafing runs on battleships (as the chance to miss is greatly reduced) and stations, the fact that the Intrepid’s special weapon has been made so much stronger makes this unit an absolute beauty.

This mixed-tech Intrepid is not cost prohibitive, and its offensive, defensive, and system values are right between those of Risner and Mayson. Furthermore, you won’t be tying up your normal yards and so you can concentrate on building other classes. Likewise, as normally it is inadvisable to introduce the Mixed-Technology yards early in the game, the fact that you can build this yard mid-game when cruisers (and soon battleships) are being put out in full force means that this version of the Intrepid is indispensible for both avatars.


This vessel gains no special abilities apart from its normal counterpart, but it does get plus four in offense, defense, and system. Of course, the mixed-technology Remore also gets a large hike in cost. For Mayson, this version of the Remore is much more worth it because of the plus four in system - not only giving it a faster shield regeneration, but also much more special energy. Due to the stat increases, the Remore also becomes more combat worthy. Since this Remore has a greater build time, it is best to supplement Mayson’s normal Remores with these (as they build slower). Probably this vessel is not worth it for Risner as the cost of the Mixed-Tech Yard and research is prohibitively expensive when you will be relying mainly on Akiras and Remores (which have a higher system value than the Borg mixed-tech version) as the core of your fleet.

Romulan Mixed Tech Vessels

(passives: Tactical Weapon Arrays, Ablative Armor Plates - strong versus long and short range)

This battleship gains a cloaking device and a cost increase of 100 dilithium and tritanium, but also a decrease in overall stats. However, because you will not have to research the next chassis level to gain access to this ship, this mixed-tech Defiant becomes quite a bit more attractive.

The four second cloaking device allows this vessel not only to be able to survive battles much more easily (cloak the vessel after shields are down, and it will be able to escape due to the strong hull), but combined with its speed and pulse-based weapons, the Federation can now do effective hit and runs on freighters and destroyers with this rather powerful battleship.

(passive: Fast Tracking Computers - strong against short range)

For a rather negligible increase in resources this vessel gains an even more impressive shield recharge rate and an additional extremely useful ability - Plasma Bolt. Replacing Tachyon Scan (which is now added to the Probe ability), the Plasma Bolt will disable enemy weapon systems for 10 seconds.

Although you will probably have finished building the handful of Canaverals at your Antares Yard by the time a mixed-tech facility is built, this version of the Canaveral will bolster your fleet (and replace your obsolete regular Canaverals) as you can micro its new special ability to disable the weaponry of high priority targets such as Borg vessels, Romulan Tavaras, and Dominion Dreadnoughts. Due to its high system value, the Canaveral can use its Sensor Blackout ability more often, allowing you to depend on less Canaverals overall.

Excelsior II
(passive: Guided Quantum Torpedoes - the vessel's torpedoes have greatly increased accuracy)

This vessel gains the special ability Vector Torpedo, which launches a torpedo that will bounce to two additional targets. This ability does not need to be researched. The Excelsior II also gains a modest increase in offensive and system values. As Mayson already gets a much improved Excelsior II which costs less and is armed with the ACS, this vessel is not worth it when placing this avatar.

However, for Risner, this vessel gives the player the ability to use the Excelsior II’s special energy which is definitely worth the 100 extra dilithium. As Risner’s Excelsior II’s are not all that powerful (and thus will stop your Eraudi Yard from producing the Remores and Sovereigns that you should be building), the only version of this vessel that should be built when playing as this avatar is the mixed-tech vessel.

Dominion Mixed Tech Vessels

Miranda II

This vessel is around the cost, offense, and defense of the Defiant but gains enormous defensive boosts upon leveling up. Likewise, the Miranda II has the Blockade Buster ability which gives it plus 10 in defense and doubles the fire rate of its anti-destroyer and anti-cruiser Quantum Pulses for 20 seconds.

As the Miranda II also counts as a battleship while the ability is active, this vessel is extremely resilient versus ships that rely on pulse-based weaponry. However, all torpedoes will now hit due to the change in vessel-class. For both avatars this vessel is a must and can easily replace Akiras and Excellsior II’s as the mainstay of your fleet. However, be careful, as this ship is not armed with torpedoes and does very little damage against structures and the Borg.


This freighter gains plus two in defense and a 25% boost in storage capacity, which means that this vessel gathers more and slowly boosts your economy. The excessive costs are hard to deal with early on so that it is recommended that you build these freighters if your other freighters are being attacked and you are in danger of losing them. Note that you will still need three freighters per moon.


This warship gains the 2x Photon Torpedo Launcher, which means that this vessels firepower is more concentrated around its torpedoes. Thus, this vessel is better suited to combat with battleships due to the zero miss chance (for most battleships). The vessel’s stats also lie between Risner and Mayson with only a modest increase in vessel cost. As Mayson’s normal Akiras get a slightly greater defensive boost, it is probably wise to only build these mixed-tech vessels when playing as Risner. However, you must note that these Akiras do not require the chassis upgrades, and because Mayson relies more heavily on Excelsior II’s, if you are not planning on upgrading to Akiras, it is best to go with the now cheaper mixed-tech variant. As Risner relies on Akiras for the core of her fleet’s strength, the ability of these vessels to attack larger class vessels is good. Likewise, this mixed-technology Akira only has one less in offensive stats, but two more in defense, which is a decent boon to Risner’s Akira forces.

Klingon Mixed Tech Vessels

(passives: Tactical Weapon Arrays, Ablative Armor Plates - strong versus long and short range)

This battleship gains the Antimatter Mines special ability, which allows the Defiant to drop a mine which can nearly lower the shields of a B’rel (for comparison). The system value is increased by three.

This ability need not be researched, and even though the costs of this vessel are greater than a non-mixed tech Defiant, you do not have to research the additional chassis levels to begin producing this ship. Consequently it is wise to begin producing this vessel for both avatars, as it allows you to field Defiants earlier and more cheaply.


This destroyer’s Proximity Torpedo costs 50% less special energy per usage, which actually allows the Monsoon to fire several powerful anti-destroyer torpedoes. The cost increase is rather small and the Monsoon even gets plus two in offense. For Risner, who gets no defensive bonus for Antares Yard vessels, this vessel is much more worth it than for Mayson (who also has access to the much more formidable Norway). However, because destroyers are being phased out when the mixed-tech facilities are being built, if you wish to build this unit, it depends heavily on how many destroyers and cruisers your opponent is fielding.


This vessel gains access to the medium-ranged Combat Tractor beam which allows the Newton to lock an enemy vessel into place even if its shields are still up. The Newton also gains plus one in offense. Since your Newtons should not be in combat in the first place, the only way this ability is useful is if you spot a construction ship or a high priority target and need to lock it down for a few seconds. Thus, even despite the relatively small cost increase, this vessel just isn’t worth it for either avatar (and no, it does not stack with the normal Newtons to allow you six repair vessels).