Mixed-Tech Analysis


Borg Mixed Tech Vessels


This destroyer gets an all around plus one in values and the addition of the Regenerate special ability. This Borg adapted technology allows you to regenerate 50% of the hull within the few seconds the B’rel can sustain Regenerate. For all intents and purposes the ability is fast enough to almost immediately completely repair damaged subsystems. Consequently, the Regenerate ability is a great boon for the otherwise easily damaged subsystems of the B’rel (often, even if the B’rel is not critically damaged, its engines or life support go offline, leaving your otherwise quick ship adrift). Depending on whether you choose a Martok Klingon strategy that has you building B’rels middle game or early game, you should choose to purchase this vessel or not, respectively speaking. For TaQ’roja, her own B’rel is simply too powerful to warrant the acquisition of the mixed-technology version.


For a rather small increase in resource costs, this vessel gains plus two to defensive, offensive, and system values. Likewise, the effects of the Ionizing Torpedo special ability become doubled. Building this support vessel from the mixed tech yard for both avatars will free up your Battle Yard to continue producing the large number of standard forces you need.


This starship gains slightly increased stats over the Martok Sang’, a reduced cost, and will almost always hit cruisers (96% hit chance) with its standard torpedoes. Unfortunately, all of this had to come at a price and so the Sang’ is now medium range. As the main advantage of the Sang’ is that you can lead enemy forces around while striking at them with little fear of having the favor returned, the range decrease is a deal breaker—unless of course you are planning on using these vessels in fleet action only. This vessel is thus useful for both avatars if you plan on using them in this manner.

Romulan Mixed Tech Vessels


This version of the Klingon Bird of Prey gains what amounts to a Romulan cloaking device as well as fast firing pulse disruptors for a slight increase in tritanium. If hit and run attacks are made with this mixed-technology starship you can be sure that the B’rel will survive much more regularly due to its ability to cloak and decloak quickly. For both avatars it is highly advised to build at least a few of these vessels so as to allow you a traditional Romulan strategy: strike swiftly and silently and then get the hell out of Dodge!


This mixed-technology vessel gains a slight boost in stats for a trivial increase in resource costs. The Polaron Field special ability has also been altered to deal a small amount of damage to all affected units. Hey, every little bit counts you know! Like the Borg Qaw’Duj, building this support vessel from the mixed tech yard for both avatars will free up your Battle Yard to continue producing the large number of standard forces you need.


For a decrease in resource costs, this ship gains plus one in system value and the ability to hit two units at a time with its torpedoes. Accordingly, the Compound Torpedo ability now can hit four separate targets. This ship should without a doubt supplement your normal Sang’ class vessels or even replace them if you wish to concentrate on building Vor’cha/Qaw’Duj classes at the same time. Even the fact that TaQ’roja’s own Sang’ gets higher offense should not stop you from building this mixed-tech version.

Federation Mixed Tech Vessels


Although this vessel is a destroyer, the fact that this starship comes standard with the Scrambling Drone special ability is enough to ensure its usefulness throughout a long game. This ability lasts 80 seconds, is area of effect, and will deactivate weapons, engines and cloaking for five second intervals. Of course, the ship also has rather decent shields and offense for being so small. In terms of resource costs, the vessel is a steal when considering Klingon vessels of comparable power. Likewise, the E’Djen is faster than almost all of your conceivable opponent’s destroyers and has medium range to boot. For both avatars this mixed-tech vessel should be a staple of your fleet as a few well placed Scrambling Drones will allow the rest of your ships to easily overpower--or retreat from--your opponent’s forces.


The mixed tech K’Vort gets a slight bump over Martok statistics and an increase of about 50 dilithium in costs. The vessel also gains the Evasive Maneuvers passive ability which grants the K’Vort an increased rate of torpedo (0.48 chance of hitting) and even a small pulse weapon avoidance. Since there is a good chance that you will still be using these ships to take out lone vessels or miners with the Shield Breaking Torpedo (while cloaked), it is advised to supplement or completely supplant K’Vort forces for Martok. As TaQ’roja’s K’Vorts gain additional 360 degree torpedo armament (good against medium sized vessels and even large units and stations) and a boost to offensive capabilities, there is no huge need to build the mixed-tech variant, but they should complement your K'vort foces because of their passive ability.


This iconic vessel gains the Refined Disruptor, which allows its main armament to do increased damage to destroyers. Due to the fact that you will undoubtedly produce Vor’chas this mixed tech variant fits very well in the unit lineup. Since a mixed tech yard will probably have been built nearing the end of early game (especially in multiplayer) a mixed-tech Vor’cha which can deal with mopping up the last of your opponent’s destroyers while taking decreased damage from pulse based weaponry (being a medium sized vessel) is quite helpful. Since this version of the Vor’cha also gets increased defensive capabilities for a minor increase in costs (without having to build the Armory to build these ships in the first place) this should probably replace building Vor’chas at your Battle Yard so that you can concentrate on building Sang’s and Qaw’Duj classes.

Dominion Mixed Tech Vessels


Due to the cowardliness of Dominion Founder technology (don't worry, one wouldn't dream of insulting the Jem'Hadar), this disrupter wielding vessel becomes artillery range. Of course, the starship also receives a small boost to ship values and a substantial increase in resource costs. However, since you are unlikely to build many vessels of this class in the first place, the range of this version is what counts. As the Klingons are rather short on artillery or even long range vessels, this Cho’naQ could be quite useful to bust starbases and defensive structures from afar. Likewise, since Cho’naQ construction normally requires you to build many research facilities and the Imperial Yard, this version is a much better buy for both avatars if you need an artillery range vessel earlier on as even despite the increased vessel costs, you will be saving resources by not building all the extra structures.


This scout receives a speed boost, sensor boost and gets an increase of one to all values plus a small increase in resource costs. If you still need forward scouts at this stage in the game, this is the ship to buy. Although slightly more expensive than the normal class, the increased sensor range makes up for this as you will need less vessels to scout out your opponent. Consequently this starship is potentially useful for both avatars.


This battleship gains plus two in defensive value with a decent increase in costs. The ship also become more powerful at boarding (and more difficult to board) due to its increased crew size and their enhanced fighting skills. However, unless you plan on upgrading these vessels to use their troopship capabilities, it is pointless to construct these from the mixed-technology yard. Considering that any vessel with its shields down is asking to be destroyed, capturing vessels is highly unlikely despite the addition of the Transporter Assault ability. Instead, it is better off to construct these ships at the Battle Yard, because you will probably be using them as destroyer and cruiser mops while evading torpedo barrages.