Fleet Operations only. Requires an Ordnance file: best to use the PointDefenseLaserBeam Ordnance. Although the OrdnanceDefenseWeapon requires an Ordnance file, the energy costs for firing the weapon are deducted from the Weapon's specialEnergyCost command, and not the Ordnance's. This weapon is toggleable (one click to turn on, one click to turn off) and specialEnergyCost drains per second.

Allows elimination of any desired hostile Missile Ordnance as set by ValidTargets. Hostile ordnance is ordnance that is targeted at an allied Craft.

The ValidTargets and hitchance commands expect a target Ordnance ODF instead of a Craft ODF. Obeys hitchance, but hitchance doesn't have a visual effect right now: a shot is not displayed if a defense shot from this weapon misses the ordnance.

Does not use shotDelay command.

classlabel = "OrdnanceDefenseWeapon"

Does not have any special ODF commands.