Entity type identifiers - to be used with Entity:isType.

Name Description
AntimatterMine AntimatterMine
AreaEffectObject AreaEffectObject
Artillery Artillery
AsteroidField AsteroidField
BackgroundObject BackgroundObject
BackgroundPlanet BackgroundPlanet
Beam Beam
BeamToggle BeamToggle
BlackHole BlackHole
Bullet Bullet
CargoShip CargoShip
Colony Colony
ConstructionObject ConstructionObject
ConstructionRig ConstructionRig
Craft Craft
Entity Entity
Evolver Evolver
Explosion Explosion
Freighter Freighter
GameObject GameObject
GravityMine GravityMine
IonStorm IonStorm
LatinumNebula LatinumNebula
Mine Mine
MineArray MineArray
MiningStation MiningStation
Missile Missile
Nebula Nebula
Ordnance Ordnance
Phaser Phaser
PhotonTorpedo PhotonTorpedo
Planet Planet
PlanetMiningBase PlanetMiningBase
Producer Producer
PulsePhaser PulsePhaser
RepairShip RepairShip
ResearchPod ResearchPod
ResearchStation ResearchStation
ResourceInterface ResourceInterface
ResourceTransferInterface ResourceTransferInterface
Scavenger Scavenger
Scrap Scrap
SensorArray SensorArray
Shipyard Shipyard
Starbase Starbase
TerrainObject TerrainObject
TradingStation TradingStation
UtritiumBall UtritiumBall
Wormhole Wormhole